What it takes to get approved for a mortgage

Purchasing a home is one of life’s most exciting experiences and one of the most important financially. After you’ve decided it’s the right time to buy, it’s helpful to begin gathering the paperwork you’ll need to get approved for a mortgage.

Use the checklist below to get your finances in order, so you’ll be prepared to find your dream home:

  • Credit report: know your credit score and credit history.
  • Pay stub for the last 30 days
  • W-2 forms, last two years
  • Signed federal tax return, last two years
  • Documentation of any other sources of income
  • Bank statements, two most recent
  • Documentation of the source of your down payment: investment or savings account statements showing at least two months’ history of ownership. If some of the funds were a gift, get a signed statement from the giver stating that.
  • Documentation of name change, if applicable
  • Proof of your identity (typically a drivers’ license or non-driver ID)
  • Social security number

You may be asked for additional documentation from your lender, but the more organized you are, the faster the loan approval process is likely to be. Continue to be proactive and responsive throughout the mortgage process.


  • Reprinted with permission from Pinnacle Bank